Thursday, May 26, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Stormer.

The Stormer is approaching, the one of hatred and intolerance, the one who hates both people and freedom, both free speech and dissent, they seek power over us all, both on the left and to the right, this new fascism. They call themselves many different names, feminists and nationalists, patriots and progressives.  They seek to censor the normal as well as the uncomfortable opinions they do not like.  They are parasites of hate and intolerance of freedom of expression and freedom of the individual.  They storm the new frontiers of the computer and cyberspace with their viciousness disguised as compassion of loyalty or patriotism, the racists of the left and the right try to destroy  what they  can not control, they are animals, they are scum, they want you to agree with them or die.  They are agents of totalitarianism of both the left and the right, one would set up concentration camps and the others reeducation camps, to crush the human mind and its independence of thought.  They are the self appointed thought police ready to imprison you, literally for thought crimes, for the way you think, in what you believe that they do not like.  They are growing in force, the extremes of left and right, they oppose each other in principal but end up in the same place, genocide and dictatorship.  There is no practical difference between them, they look into a mirror and see both themselves and their enemies, they are one and in the same.

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