Saturday, May 28, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, My Father.

My father heard the call after they attacked, the Japanese and their cowardice.  He was not a big man physically, maybe five foot nine and two hundred pounds, but physical size is not needed for the type of courage my father showed in war in the south of the Pacific Ocean.  My father saw much death, Japs as they were called then, would ram their planes in suicidal devotion to their emperor in Tokyo into the sides and decks of American Navy warships, the aircraft carriers, the frigates, the battleships, and my father was on one of those ships.  I am sure he was not devoid of fear, no rational human being would be when your enemy not only did not care if they died, they looked forward to it.  How do you defeat an enemy that did not care if they died in battle, not only that, death was for them, the goal.  My father is gone now, as so many of his generation are now, in this year 2016, and the world has a new enemy, not just the United States, but the world, and these new enemies are even more fanatical to die in their Islamic fascist cause than were the Japanese dying for their empire and emperor.   These enemies can not be reasoned with and this world does and will need people like my father once again, not just from America but any rational, sane, freedom loving society.  Fanatical Islam wants an empire, one that would rule the world under Sharia, this new fascism, oddly enough supported by the left in the West, is growing more violent and dangerous and in size and influence, both in the Middle East, and even in the West, and other areas of the world.  They are violent and insane, putting videos online of cutting off heads of innocent civilians, and this can not be explained away as mental illness or extremism of Islam, but explained as a product of Islam itself.  I, unlike my father, am an atheist, I have no love for any god or gods that do not exist, I am no friend of any religion, however it is Islam today that wages war against democracy, and men like my father will be needed, I wish this were not so, but with the current trends, more war will come, the types of battlefields and circumstances of war may change but there will be war, if the West is pushed into something they do not want but must confront.

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