Monday, May 30, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Fear and Freedom

Fear is a horrible thing, but so is a lack of freedom, I do not seek to stop religious freedom, but I will not submit to fear caused by religious people who would try to harm me or anyone else for criticizing or even mocking a religion, both freedoms are essential to a civilized, western, democratic society, but your right to freedom of religion does not supersede my right to criticize or even mock your religion and vice versa, you have a right to criticize and mock me in my atheism, but neither one of us has a right to threaten to kill or harm each other, or even to actually carry out such threats, however if such threats are sent my way, I will not stop speaking my mind or curb my freedom because you try to create fear in me so I do not challenge your beliefs. Are you so insecure about your own beliefs you must threaten to end my life? Are your own convictions in your own beliefs and world that weak?   Are you that afraid of yourself that you must deflect that fear that you must harm or kill me?  I speak of Islam in particular, I have mocked Islam, complained about it and criticized it, and while I have received no threats from anyone, I can not help but think someone is or may try to harm me, but this fear is not something that I will let silence me, I will continue to publicly criticize a mother lode of bad ideas, as one commentator has described Islam, and has criticized other religions as well.  I do not seek to stop or suppress religious freedoms by legal or any other means, certainly not violence, as you would do to me to cause me harm for my speech, but I must confess, I do wish to reduce your numbers by talking people in to not believing in your ridiculous religions through reason and debate.  I do seek to end all religion through debate and science and the facts of reality as compared to superstition of ancient fairy tales about God or gods that do not exist, so I confess I do seek through debate to reduce your numbers and influence based on the principles of both religious freedom and the freedoms to leave a religion or to not convert to one and to not have one of any kind, that is what freedom is all about.

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