Thursday, May 19, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, The Chill in the Air.

There is a growing chill in the air of the internet, a fearful cold covering cyberspace, there is a movement to silence you and me as we speak and write and comment on the internet on various topics and subjects.  This cold censorship has also fallen on university and college campuses to shut people up the social justice warriors of the world do not like or agree with their opinions.  This fascism takes its form in ways such as the fascists, self appointed guardians to stop hate speech in the form of a website called, this movement towards online and university censorship is brought to you by the likes of feminists like Clementine Ford, bell hooks, Rebecca Watson and Laci Greene.  They seek to shut you up, to stop your so called hate speech, a term they alone they believe to define, so they move in their leftist version of fascism and nazism, they are trying to burn the books of ideas on the internet, they are trying to destroy ideas and words in the flames of their fanaticism, I find this move to police the thoughts and words of others to be a disgusting insult to my own father who fought imperialism, and fascism in World War 2.  I ask all people who love freedom and the free market place of ideas, as described by the youtuber thunderfoot, Dr. Phil Mason, to join together and stand up for freedom of speech and the free exchange of ideas online, the hour is late and the dark is falling and the cold is deepening, we must resist this fearful cold before the hour is to late and we have lost our freedom and independence of thought and speech and opinions. 

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