Thursday, April 28, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, The Sun.

The Sun, a star, one of trillions, one of many different kinds, not very special scientifically, not unique at all, yet it is.  So far as this is written, this Sun is the only one known to give life, both physical and intelligent, it is unique because our star, the Sun has living neighbors it helped create, neighbors who have learned to worship it and later, study and examine it, worshiping it no longer makes any sense.  However for me, the Sun brings sanity on the days when I thought I had  lost it on gloomy dark days spent in psychotic depression, confusion, and anxiety and psychosis in general. Winter has just ended for 2016, It was very bad for me in terms of emotion and thought, I have felt like my sanity was cracking, falling apart, the Sun would change that, my clarity would return with bright sunrise after being ripped away by clouds.  Light. It can have an almost magical effect on my mind and even my brain,  whether if they are 2 different things or not.  That is a philosophical question for another time and place, right now the Sun is out in the sky in Rochester, NY, a not so common event  in this city, we are often dark and gray here, unlike, say, California and  Hawaii , I have been to both places, they are both bright and clear much of the time and most of the year, but I would not live in either place, because in these two places you have to pay for all that sunlight, in California you pay in the currency of drought and wild mountainside brush fires that destroy property and force water to be rationed, in Hawaii you pay in hurricanes and volcanoes.  Rochester has less of the Sun, but for that reason I appreciate it more, my moods both depend on it and at the same time at its mercy, but again, I appreciate it more, something uncommon must be cherished more.      

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