Saturday, April 9, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, The Feminist

Bell hooks, Clementine Ford, Rebecca Watson, enemies of freedom, enemies of free speech and expression, they are liars, they seek no equality among any groups, they seek domination and fascism, they seek Social Marxism, where all former oppressors become the oppressed, they seek to marginalize those they do not like or care about, their goal is not social justice but social control, they seek a dictatorship of oppressing the oppressor that would seek not justice, but revenge. This dictatorship of fascist social progressives would be violent and genocidal, as  all fascist or Marxist governments always are, to kill people who oppose them or using violence to quiet their opponents, these tactics have already begun. Professor Click and her muscle brigade on a college campus have shown the true colors of the social justice crowd and its feminist allies.  The Rebecca Watsons of the world seek to humiliate and shame their critics into silence, as she tried to do with me, a white male opponent who she hates and fears, not fear from physical attack, but she fears being exposed for the fraud she is, as are the likes of bell hooks and Clementine Ford, their goal is to silence freedom, to destroy their political and social opponents both by legal and ultimately illegal tactics of fear and intimidation through oppressive laws and social policies covered in the cloak of equality but really based in fascism. There is no equality in a fascist state other than equality of those who are killed with equal fervor by a fascist state, a state that social justice warriors want to establish to enslave their opponents they do not like, they do not want equality for women or anyone else, they seek their own hegemony and absolute power over western civilization and the destruction of liberalism and freedom of expression.   These are ominous times indeed, as the internet grows and the online marketplace of ideas expands, let us hope that the freedom of online speech will ultimately expose and show the nature of the regressive left, they can not censor the entire internet, they will never be able to do so, the marketplace is to large and diffuse.  Their Nazi like ideology will be exposed, and is being exposed, for all to see.  

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