Saturday, April 16, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Budget

We live in a world of the budget, where the middle class has left us, no one can afford to live anymore, the thieves in China have taken everything, jobs, money, debt, our futures.  We are slaves to the East, we are indentured servants to Asia, they own our asses, and there is nothing that can be done to buy back that which was sold out from under our feet by traitors like Al Gore, George W. Bush and William Jefferson Clinton, who betrayed the USA and the constitution, we are owned by the Asians and their cohorts, the international banking system, we in the United States are slaves to the Globalists, those who seek a one world government to destroy our nation in the name of world peace and cooperation, the true goal being worldwide dictatorship and genocide against the weak and powerless.  The West is under siege, the Muslims and blacks from the Middle East and Africa are laying waste to Europe and an invasion against Western Civilization has begun and is underway, Soon Europe will not be Europe, at least not in its present form, the New Europe will be Islamic and brown, devoid of reason and civility, replaced by Arab and African barbarism of rape, murder and pedophilia, these filthy child rapists, and yet the West welcomes these savages with open arms and open purses, we pay for our own destruction, paying for and hosting families of these filthy savages from afar.  I look at the future and I am glad I have had no children to live this fatal future, yet others in the West do have offspring, offspring with a terrible future of rape, murder, theft,assault, riots, bombings, Islamic dictatorship and other horrors that await western youth.  If the West is pushed to far, the far right of fascism will spread as a backlash against these filthy liberals who have made this happen, so when the unwanted, next Adolf Hitler or Mussolini rises in the West, blame yourselves.

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