Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Black Lives Matter.

There is a force arising in the name of blacks and African Americans that is a lie, born of frustration but also of political ideology and violence, a movement of lies.  The narrative is that white cops are violent, evil ogres out to kill all black people and of color, so arrives our heroes of this story to save black people from the evil white police and white people in general whose lives apparently do not matter  Our hero is a movement, Black Lives Matter, vowing to vanquish the evil foe of black people in America, evil, white police officers, the idea in the minds of our heroes is that they have the moral ground in valuing the lives of black people in the United States and it is their scared duty to protect those lives, protect them from cops, police abuse and white institutional racism, after all white cops are all murderers and only blacks get killed by police officers in the good old USA, never white people, just blacks, this movement feels no moral problem with using political violence and terrorism and riots to save black lives, after all Black Lives Matter is a morally superior group of heroic activists out to slay a dragon out to kill African Americans.  But wait, what about the pink dragon in the room no one in the Black Lives Matter Movement wants to see?  This is the dragon of black on black violence in the USA and the dragon of the truth that most blacks die at the hands of blacks and blacks commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime that puts them at odds with the police in the first place. When a drive by shooting takes place and in that attack a young black man dies as a target of other young black men and a seven year old black girl is killed by a stray bullet during the same attack, where are Black Lives Matter protesters and activists? They are on the beach with their heads in the sand spouting racist, fascist Marxist nonsense, while black people die by the tens of thousands, apparently those black lives do not matter when ended by other black people.

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