Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Anarchy by any other name. or Stefan Molyneux

Volunteerism, another word for anarchy, for chaos, a fantasy world imagined by Stefan Molyneux that pretends that without government, we would be in a utopia of freedom and mutual cooperation, where crime would magically disappear and everyone would just get along. A world where we would not have people to build our roads, a world with no fire departments to put out fires, because in the fantasy world of anarchy and volunteerism there would be no fires to put out and the police and their guns would be unneeded because crimes of rape, murder, robbery and pedophilia would magically disappear. What a utopia that would be, a utopia of violence, crime, poverty, theft and rape, Molyneux lives in a fantasy land where he is a self described philosopher who has no credentials to be a philosopher, he is a pompous ass who has magical, childish thinking. Humans are creatures of violence and competition for resources and wealth, in this volunteerism utopia that would not change, if anything crime and violence would increase a thousand fold. Molyneux is a one dimensional thinker, someone who can not see beyond his myopic, childish disregard for the inherent violence and evil of humanity, and I say that as an atheist, evil and good do not come from God or Satan, but you and me, for we are humans, and humans are selfish, violent animals indeed, anarchy or volunteerism would not stop that, anarchy would create a desperation in the people for leadership and authority to reign in the chaos, like Adolf Hitler who united Germany out of the peoples desperation for order out of the chaos on the streets of Germany after World War One.

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