Thursday, March 10, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Water.

The water is falling from the sky again in the most dark and lonely way, this cold and dampness chills my soul, it is hard to keep warm and feel safe in these dismal circumstances, I hate Rochester with all its coldness and wetness. I want the sun to shine, I want to feel the solar light on my face, this fucking cold is depressing and fills me with despair, the weather has a powerful effect on my mind and soul.  I will not go out tonight, I will hide in my room to avoid the drizzle and depression outside my house.  I am shivering from the feeling of cool dampness, my hands and body are shaking, I find it hard to even hold a hot cup of coffee without spilling it all over, that is how bad I am shaking, my hands and body.  I seek to stay in the warmth of my room, such as it is, the room I am in has a chill to it, I try to keep my mind off of it, but it is difficult, I find it hard to concentrate on anything worthwhile or important, my thoughts are spinning fast around and around through my head, there is no rest from it, it is relentless this weather induced confusion and depression.  I try to stay on schedule, to finish my daily activities that I have put on a list to do today, yet my ambition to do anything is weak at best, I force myself to write this to motivate me to do all things listed on the schedule of work, writing, studying Spanish, it is difficult to stay on schedule, but I do try, even when confused and depressed, to do nothing only brings more confusion, anxiety and fear, I must stay busy despite the falling water from the sky.

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