Saturday, March 5, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Unscientific

They say there is no such thing as mental illness, these liars and charlatans, or they say, "stop taking your medications, take vitamins, mental illness is caused by diet or nutritional deficiencies".  They babble on, they say stupid, fake scientific things, mental illness does not exist, schizophrenia is not an illness, just an alternative lifestyle, or a different but legitimate way of seeing reality, simply seeing real things others can not see or hear.  "You are not schizophrenic" they say, "you are just lazy, you are a malingerer who does not want to work or help yourself", "you are a liar" they say, they say "you are not ill but a faker of illness".Their explanations are full of holes and pseudoscience, they make bizarre claims mental illness is not real and their statements are false, illogical and, they ignore the evidence or say it does not exist, they ignore the scientific discoveries and evidence found in countless studies at many different hospitals and universities, they say the cat is black although it is obviously white. The brain is a physical object, subject to the  of the physical laws of the universe, it can be both damaged and injured, or its chemicals may fall into imbalance, the chemicals in the brain are also physical and subject to the laws of nature.  No person would choose to have a mental illness, nor would most pretend to, the life of  mental illness is a life full of pain, loneliness and poverty, poverty in both money and hope.  I seek to educate you in the truth, the truth of psychosis, mood disorders, anxiety disorders and personality or neurological disorders.  These thing are real and painful to body and mind.

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