Friday, March 4, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, The Pills.

The pills are everywhere, they are in the very soul of my being, the are pervasive through all my life and existence, my brain and psychology could not function without them.  The chemicals are there to regulate my moods and thoughts for a more rational way of  thinking and feeling in my life,  I am unable to function without them.  I do not know if this is dependence, addiction or a needed set of chemicals for functioning in a healthy way.  My psychiatrist points out, as do many scientists and doctors, that a diabetic who must have daily insulin is not addicted to it, but it is a needed chemical for the function of life in regards to sugar level regulation in the body.  The argument being that a psychiatric care consumer is not addicted to most psychiatric drugs, but they are a needed set of drugs to regulate complex regions in the brain, a necessity of life, for a normal life. There are of course some tools used by psychiatrists and consumers that are addictive, they function to control anxiety but can leave a person dependent and addicted, for this reason many doctors refuse to prescribe them. I am however tired of, and annoyed by, the fact I must take 15 pills a day to function, the fact they are needed does not mean I like the burden of taking drugs to function, it is something one must schedule their activities, work, school and personal lives around, the pills demand an exact schedule, all else is secondary.

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