Thursday, February 18, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, The Place To Be.

The place to be is among friends,to be near those who actually give a shit about what happens to you and how you feel.  I get the impression my family is not included in my place to be, they are petty and back stabbers, they have betrayed me with rumors and lies, trying to sabotage my life, success, my romantic life, my work, all that is important to me is not important to my biological family, they are not in my place to be, they are light years away now, I pay them no mind, they are useless to me and my place to be.  I seek no revenge, but insist they leave me alone, this fake family I once thought I loved, and now despise as traitors.  There will be no violence or revenge, no retaliation, not from me, I have no desire to go to jail or die, also there will be no suicide, my family will not win that way over me by me quitting on life.  The place to be is the place to stay alive, I will not surrender to emotions, depression, anxiety or my psychosis and I certainly will not surrender to my family.

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