Monday, February 1, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, The Noise

The noise is unbearable, I can not take it, they yell, scream and fight.  These people I live with do not care about my quiet and solitary ways that make me happy and at peace, they only care for themselves and their petty spats of fake love.  The landlord does nothing, and the noise continues, it never abates.  Sometimes there is silence and quiet, but moments of peace are rare, because they do not care.  They yell and bitch at each other like wild dogs, they are filled with venom of soul as they attack each other, they are animals.  I am here in silence, here in my solitude, I do not care about their petty squabbles of fake love filled with raw hate for each other.  I seek quiet places, I seek only peace, why must they take that from me?  I have done nothing of the sort to them, I know life is sometimes unfair and even brutal, yet I at least try to influence reality with no expectation of actually controling it.  The volume keeps going up and down unexpectedly, it is nerve racking this unpredictable nonsense, I am tired of the bullshit, I feel like yelling and screaming at them, yet even with that I would lose, they will not listen, they do not care about peace and serenity, for themselves or anyone else.

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