Monday, February 29, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, The Hunger.

The hunger for justice in this world is strong and yet so is the world that evades it, the human race is spiraling out of control in its violence and injustice, there seems to be no hope for the survival of mankind because of the violent evil we commit against each other.  There are those who would take away the progress we have made in freedom and cooperation in the human race, they seek to take away freedom of speech, freedom to express religious belief, as well as have no religious beliefs at all.  There are people who believe their way is the only way of doing things, this is the new fascism, they seek to destroy freedom of expressing opposing opinions and points of view, with violence and threats.  The extreme religious right and the regressive left seek to control us, to control what we say, do, or believe.  College campuses have become centers of left wing fascism in suppressing freedom of speech and even attempts to control thoughts and beliefs.  The far right religious nuts are no better, they seek to control the morality and behaviors of others based on the violent immorality of their holy scriptures, like the Bible and the Koran, two books written by bronze age superstitious and violent goat herders, used as a justification to kill their enemies in the most violent means available to themselves.   America, the United States, all of western society, is under attack, under attack by ignorant and violent ideologies that seek to destroy freedom by destroying moderate voices of reason and cooperation.

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