Friday, February 19, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, House of Deceit, Bob Larson

There is a House of Deceit, a house of lies and superstition, there are many members living in this house.  This house of a fake God or gods. this house of fake demons and spirits, this house is populated with liars and charlatans.  There are the likes of Bob Larson, a fake, self appointed exorcist, a man of many like himself that prey on people's fears of nonexistent demons, spirits and fake gods.  This fool makes money off the superstitious, off the desperate who are often mentally ill, promising them freedom from their torment, promising to bring them peace by expelling demons that are not real.  Bob Larson is not just an eccentric, harmless fool to be ignored, but a dangerous liar, who spreads Dark Ages ideas in the twenty first century, just to bring himself money and power, preying on the weak minded and lost.  This is a dangerous man, a man who slows scientific progress and treatment of the mentally ill,  The mentally ill who need real help and psychiatric treatment are being railroaded to the Dark Ages in fear of demons, Satan, God and other imaginary beings.  There is an irony here, that Bob Larson claims to drive out evil caused by supernatural events is evil himself, evil not created by the supernatural world or beings, but evil created by one man in deceit.  This man must be exposed as an example of human created evil that he is, after all we live in the twenty first century, and liars and thieves must be exposed when innocents are harmed or killed by the likes of Bob Larson.

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