Thursday, February 4, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Darkness

Darkness has fallen and the lights have not kicked on, the darkness drops like a rock on my house, the danger of hidden trespassers seems to be real.  The cold and fear wraps around my house, I am shaking in fear in the blackness and bleakness, I pray for the lights to come on, I am afraid, I hate the dark and cold, moonless night.  The Sun has set and my fear grows in the Darkness, I have dreams of horrible violence done unto me, they are out there lurking, with their knives, guns and fists.  I have seen and fallen victim to violence all to often, I am shaking.  Those evil spirits are waiting for me to strike me down, yet they are not spirits of the nonmaterial world, no these evil spirits have bodies like you and I ,they can cause real hurt, fear, anger and pain.  Who is watching me? Who is lurking outside the glass looking in?  I am disoriented, lost and dizzy, like I was drunk on a rollercoaster, I can not find my bearings in the black ink, I am lost, in a maze of black.  The lights are still not on, I am still shaking, waiting for the light.

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