Sunday, January 17, 2016


The nervous system, chemicals that poison it, the insects may die, but the child may grow slower in mind or body or both from toxins meant to kill pests.  Lower I.Q.s, increased ADHD,increased impulsivity, all leading to problems of neurology and psychiatry, motivation drops from poisons in the blood, skin and neural pathways. There is difficulty in understanding in children poisoned long term, the toxins are insidious, they crush the mind and personality over time.  I feel so tired from it all, lethargic and slow in body and mind.  I have schizophrenia, how much is due to genetics? How much is due to poison in the brain?  I can not concentrate, I can not focus, I am tired all the time, these fucking toxins have nearly destroyed me.  My mind is muddled and confused from poisoning over many years.  I have no ambition, I have no goals, my mind has been chained by toxins designed to kill life.  I feel angry over something I had no control over, it is not fair, I was poisoned over many years and now I vomit shake and have problems of the brain and mind.  I am on six different psych drugs to control the effects of the poisons, this is not fair, I did not choose this, it was thrust upon me.  I am toxic.

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