Wednesday, January 6, 2016


The Sun is moving with nuclear explosions that dwarf the Earth, the mass eruptions of heat and x rays could destroy a planet that was to close to the storm.  The surface of the Sun rips itself apart, ejecting heat and potential death and destruction millions of miles into space, Earth storms are just a breeze in comparison.  It takes millions of years for one photon to travel and traverse from the center of the Sun to its surface.  Magnetic tornadoes rip out from the Sun, fields twisted and bent into all manner of shapes, the magnetic poles of our star reverse each other, the magnitude of these things and their destructive beauty stagger the mind and light up the Earth with marvelous auroras, to gorgeous for words.  The ferocious power of the Sun heat the Earth to the point of having life, The Sun when far away is not a destructive hydrogen bomb, but a giver of life, light and heat.  It has been feared and worshipped as a god, today you may fear the Sun not because of god hood, but because of the violent nature of its energy.

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