Friday, January 22, 2016

A poem by Gary G. Pelow, gods are scary

The gods of man and his imagination are frightening and evil, if real they are unworthy of worship.  These cruel entities that supposedly love us all are filled with petty and cruel emotions and actions. It does not matter what god or gods you believe  in, pagan, jewish, muslim, christian, they are all portrayed in your fake holy books as cruel, petty children.  These gods instill us with desires  of both sex and other desires and then punishes us for acting on them as a sin, these gods of untrue fables and lies.  There is something inherently evil about gods and religion, or more accurately, the people, us, who make these gods in our image and not the reverse.  Your fucking god or gods are not real, they are fairy tales concocted so you could control others with violence, fear, guilt and anger.  The human hearts and minds that make up these fables and those who believe in them are evil, they are the most violent in humanity, they are disgusting in their sanctimonious piety, they use fake gods and lies to cause war, genocide and death.

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