Monday, November 16, 2015


The nerve of some people is astounding to me, what right do they have to hit me? To sucker punch me like the cowards they are?  I seek justice for this violence against me, they will pay with jail, they will receive their just deserts.  The law is on my side and I WILL SHOW NO MERCY TO THIS FUCKIING CRIMIINAL AND HIS COWARDICE!.  I am afraid all the time because of this asshole, my hands are shaking from the fear, like I am having seizures, seizures of post trauma.  They had no right to attack me, I did nothing wrong, he was caught up in psychosis, in severe disconnection from reality., yet that is no excuse.  How would it be if I was violent and tried to excuse it on the grounds of mental illness? There would be no mercy from the law for me, there would only be punishment and legal revenge against me for my crimes.  I will show no mercy for my enemy of violence, there would be none for me.  I feel nothing but rage over this violence like a pressure cooker overheating, ready to explode, to press charges against this fucking poor excuse for a human being, he is a fuckiing animal, a nonperson.

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