Saturday, October 3, 2015


There is so much in life that can be bought or sold, to the highest bidder
with the right amount of money.
I wonder, do we buy and sell our souls for the highest bid everyday?
If I want sex with my wife, is it because I have bought her with food, housing,
medical care and clothes?
If I give my life as a soldier, if I die for my country, is it because I sold my life
for university financing?
Are the poor and their restlessness calmed down against revolt because they
sold their promise not to agitate with payments from the welfare state?
Did I sell I sell my body and soul to the psychiatrist and government for
payments from Social Security?
I do not believe one needs to sell his soul to Satan or Lucifer to move into
worldly success, there are enough evil, powerful humans to sell that soul to who
will give success for a tremendously high cost, Satan is not real, Satan is just
the name of an idea of real people buying and selling souls.

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