Friday, September 25, 2015


There is a waiting period for change to take place,
I do not want to wait, like a petulant child  I cry for time to hurry up.
I am sinking deeper into the dark and fast losing my grip in the dark,
there is not much time left before I collapse from sheer exhaustion of
waiting in the terrible, quiet heat, perspiring from this horrible heat.
The therapist has not called yet, there is yet no sign of what will happen, if
it happens, and when.
I am growing more angry and desperate everyday, I am sicker with each
passing day and no end in sight, they have got to call, they have to go
faster.  This fucking shit is getting more painful, I want to fucking scream,
yet if I did that I would be seen as a lunatic in the throes of insanity.
I  am not going to die though over this, that kind of surrender will not happen,
nor will violence, to give up and in to these two things will not happen,
I will never fucking surrender to anyone that way, so I will wait, wait in silence.

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