Monday, September 14, 2015


There is a situation where I am like a prisoner in a guilded cage.
This situation does not fill me with rage in this cage, just impatience.
This is suppose to help me they say, with the struggle ahead I must face.
There is a choice I must make while I am in the cushioned prison, though it is not a decision to make as if  I were in a race.
This decision must be made carefully, it is to be approached with thought.
There are many factors to consider, many variations and points of veiw.
I often wonder about others who face this, are they strong and stoic?
Do they feel fear at this approaching dawn of electricity, are they heroic?
There is much for them to decide in the guilded cage of psychiatry.
In fear many people are of this fluid situation, as if there is internal struggle and anarchy.
Shock treatments are not easy to endure, there is no pain, just confusion and loss of memory.
So I will wait here, wait until it is finished and when I am well again.

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