Monday, September 7, 2015


I am impatient, waiting for it to come or arise into my presence,
they have not called me because they are at rest today, being LABOR DAY,
I am wringing my hands in worry and anticipation
I await my emancipation,
emancipation from the mental hell fire I endure everyday, the abscense of peace,
there is a chance it might get worse, and soon and not slowly, it may increase,
so I await in silence for them to start easing my pain, I want this horror to decrease,
if there is a chance this situation alive with electricity will help, I must proceed.
They will all be present at the beginning, the shrink, the nurses, to see my needs,
there will be the oxygen of life, the heart monitor set to intercede if need be,
I will be a sleep the entire time as we will begin to release the healing electricity,
there wil be no pain, just temporary oblivion as we start the electricconvulsive therapy to blunt and remove my mental symptoms.

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