Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I am filled with fear of all kinds, it seems like there is no limit to my fears,
I am so afraid of all events, afraid of everything, my mind is filled with imagined
problems, disaters and concerns, I know these things that I feel afrid of are minor, not real, not worthyy of panic even if these events, worries and concerns were real, they do not deserve my fear and worry. I am keyed up to hyperactive levels in mind and body, my hands are shaking as I type this, with so many errors.  My heart is pounding at high speed from these anxieties and preoccupations, my blood pressure is probably high from increased  adrenaline, this is not healthy to have my body assaulted by physical excitement all of the time, it is fucking exhausting to be afraid and angry all the time, adrenaliine is not meant to be poured into ones blood for hours on end, it is suppose to excite you and alert you temporarily when physical danger arises as a real threat, I do not think these threats of worry are real, but they feel as if they are.

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