Sunday, September 6, 2015


There is a burning going on, a burning of both  the body and mind, perhaps the soul as well, the sun todays beats down from the sky, burning the skin and dehydrating the body. The medications of the mind causes extra scourching of the skin, made more vulnerable by these meds of the mind.  There is also a burning of the soul and mind brought to me by madness, madness of the brain and its dysfuction, the soul is burdened by disembodied voices, that threaten and insult me, but with no power to carry out these threats, because those insults and threats are a creation of the mind, or brain, depending on your view of the world. I am sweating to day looking like I just got out of a swimming pool, that is how wet I am from sweat due to this demonic sun and heat.  I do feel relief inside my room, the sun is blocked in there, the heat controlled and beaten back by fans, relieved by potable water in a one gallon jug.
I wish there was such a barrier for my mind as well, but there is none.  There is nothing to quench the pain and mind in a one gallon jug. So, one day at  time.

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