Tuesday, August 25, 2015


There is a time in the past when I was happy, times that I rejoiced in life,
in the sufferinng of the moment, memory of these times are blocked by pain
as if they never happened, but they did happen, if you let yourself to remember
these times even in psychosis, especially in psychosis, the pain of the present
is lessoned.
I remember my nine brothers and sisters as children and me with them,
yes we struggled and fought amongst ourselves, but there was more laughter
and joy than there was pain, it is funny to remember the simple things of childhood,
like my red plastic skate board, or my Duncan yoyoo.  God knows there were good
times, even when I was physically tortured by a so called friend of the family,
Tony Cachamilio, I still survived by play and joy, that filthy man could never take that from me, I am getting better by any means needed.

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