Friday, August 21, 2015


I today begin the day with a solid form of courage in a  very frightening world,
yes I know some of you will complain, you will say I am only sugar coating and hiding the deeper roots of my insanity, you will accuse me of being unmotivated to get better and instead use a crutch to drag myslf through the day, not faceing my
problems deep inside my brain and mind and soul, a band aid you say, a stop gap to be lazy so as not to do real work into my mind, that is bull shit, for 25 years and dozens of therapists I have bored into my psyche for answers to my torment and came up with
facts that while true, did nothing to end my hellish torment of hallucintions and paranoia, Sigmund Freud, he was useless, although well meaning, in the whirl pool
of my psychosis, a brain disease of the material reality, not of talk therapy, words
will not cure or reduce my pain, no one has a right to judge me, the solid courage are medications to stabilize me so I can do the hard work.

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