Wednesday, August 19, 2015


There is nothing to be done, the schedule is empty
there are no important activities to engage myself with,
I am bored, stunted in spirit and motivation.
I seek out my addictions, food, sex, cigarettes, to compfort me for just a fleeting moment.
I walk in the hot sun, nothing to do, no where to go, no destination, just walking.
I fill the time with mindless endeavors online, on my tablet, my only friend,
it does not judge or insult me, it does not threaten me with violent harm, it uses
no violence or insults against me, this friend quietly does what I want it to do.
I wish it were alive, so I would have someone, something to talk to,
God my dreams and hopes are pathetic, to talk to a machine more then people
is not normal, it is a sign of quiet sanity, refecting from nothing to do, nohing stopping the banality of my life.

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