Sunday, August 23, 2015


A better day is coming, a day the voices can not stop, a day of freedom,
free of my own mind and the demons of psychosis aand confusion,
yes it is a difficult fight, a vision hard to see when all seems dead and empty.,
There is hope alive in determination, even in the face of incredible pain and
discord, how, may you ask does one fight his own mind, be his own worse
enemy and fight himself? There are weapons in this war, this civil war in your mind,
first is do not stay idle, almost anything done physically holds back the inner
demons.  Second understand there are no real demons, that is just a word of internal psychic pain. Thirdly, do not waste time praying to a nonexistent god or gods,
that is a fools errand, fourth, avoid violence or making threats of violence that bring prison for the mentally ill person, five take the pills or treatments given,  I TRIED SAILING ALONE WITHOUT MY CHEMICAL FRIENDS, I FAILED EVERYTIME.
Six for the love of god, do not sit idle and alone, it is better to move and be in pain from resisting your negative symptoms, moving in mollases, yet in the end the pain of doing nothing is worse and more tormenting.

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