Sunday, August 9, 2015


The nerve of some people, the nerve they have to judge me, it is insane,
or is it just my own imagination that bothers me?
I am alone in the pit of darkness of anger and the fear of being punished,
accused, or raising suspicion of others to the point they have the nerve and audacity
to punish me, to humiliate me for imaginary offenses or accusations based on misunderstandings.
I try my best to do no wrong or blunder into mistakes causing the wrath of others,
perhaps I worry to much about the opinions of others, trapped in fear of them.
I only want to be left alone, I ask nothing more than that, I do not seek money, fame,
or the pain of others.
I just want all of you to leave me alone to my own private hell, I seek nothing else.
After all is said and done I am alone anyway, Arlene has gone into the eternal darkness.
Heidi now loves someone else other than me, we were together one month, than she was gone with the nerve to abandon me.
The pain and fear of being around others is getting intolerable, I hate humanity
and seek only quiet without bother or judgement of others.

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