Sunday, July 26, 2015


It is a frightening thing, the left wing of the bell hooks and its version of feminism, they make my skin crawl like insects are burrowing into my flesh, they' the feminists
are liars, their base is the base of radical marxism, they do not truly fight for the rights
of women, they instead seek to undermine democracy with the reintroduction
of segregation, they yell and scream in favor of hate of a nonexistent patriarchy,
they seek to confuse and destroy anyone or any philosophy that is opposing them,
I oppose them and their hatred of democracy, their racism in the guise of womens rights, they seek division of the free world and its values of freedom, they seek to destroy freedom of speech by shutting down the voices that seek freedom and speak openly against the radical feminism of bigotry and hate, they split the races in two, they destroy others through false words, words of yelling and screaming instead of rational discourse, they seek to divide the United States by race and gender, and their
goal is to control you with fake accusations of hate and bigotry, they label opponents as racists of the nonexistent white patriarchy that does not exist, I urge you to not listen to them, bell hooks and the feminist industry that sells hate for cash, together we will defeat them.

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