Tuesday, July 7, 2015


It is boiling today, the sun is pounding the city of Rochester , New York this day,
July seventh, 2015, the sun rips into the skin with seering heat on the schizophrenic
that swallows pills to control voices, paranoia and delusions, necessary to function
everyday, the sun has no mercy even on the normal of mind but is especially cruel on the ill of mind, blocking melotonin and raising body temperature and depleteing the body of water.  The ultraviolet rays burn and scorch the skin, yet even on cloudy days that are hot, heat stroke and dehydration still happen, the visibility of the sun is
not required to have the heat steal your bodys salt and water. Over time, the heat depletes you of ability to move or excercise, however they may not be wise to do in the heat or sun anyway, I do not understand the fanatics who run in ninety degree
temperatures, they are gambling with their lives in the open furnace of outdoors.
JESUS FUCKING CHRIST IT IS HOT TODAY, very uncompfortable, very dangerous, and yes I used the name of your imaginary friend Jesus in vain, no matter he is just a fairy tale of the desperate afraid of death and oblivion, besides, in this heat it is very difficult to believe in GOD of any stripes.

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