Saturday, July 4, 2015


The damaging effect of right/left wing stupidity on the mentally ill is extremely dangerous in deed, the right hand wants to cut funding, the left hand leaves people homeless in the name of liberty, to not be incarcerated, in hospitals ironically they are now warehoused in jails and prisons, left wing deinstitutionism has failed, for 40 fucking years, hospitals close, people are turned away from hospitals, to be alone on the street in the sweltering heat of summer and subzero temperatures of winter. This
situation is unfair to correction officers, they are not docs or nurses, yet they are forced by circumstance to act as such in prisons and jails, the new asylums.  I have schizophrenia, I am lucky, I have a place to live, I am lucid enough to handle my own money and bills, on medications of course. the times are less difficult when you have a roof over you, EVEN IF IT IS A HOSPITAL YOU LIVE IN.  The far right wants to abandon the mentally ill to live in confusion and pain expecting over taxed churches to fill the void of less governmental help for the sick in mind, believe me these churches, synagouges and mosques try their best to get down and in the gutter to help  their efforts are heroic and needed, yet they can not due what the government can, where do you stand or sleep  when churches are pushed to the breaking point, reluctantly turning people away from help, this is brought to you by the far right.

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