Friday, July 10, 2015


I walk down the street of insanity, he has not paid the money he owes me,
as a coward he avoids me, he is a fucking asshole, with his yelling and screaming and drinking and drugging, I can not stand this motherfucker, so fucking arrogant is he, robbing me of money and respect, trying to use me to make his life more cozy leaving me in the dirt to languish to death in the dust, my hands are trembling, I walk with fear and panic, my psychotic way of thinking is crushing me and tearing me apart as I blindly walk and stumble through life with fear and suspiciousness from others that want to accuse me of things not done, to puniish me for nothing, I am innocent of all charges what ever they maybe, I scream inside from fear and anger, I AM TIRED, YET SLEEP DOES NOT COME AND ADDS TO MY PAIN AND EMPTINESS.  I walk with my hands and body shaking in fear, fear and psychosis I would not want to wish on my worst enemy, I AM ALONE!

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