Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Why do you lie Sarkeesian? Why does the infamous bell hooks lie?
There is an evil in our mist, a disguised monster of lies,
about a fake feminist movement, it claims of standing up as feminists
is a lie, this lie, brought to you by the radicals of marxism Anita Sarkeesian,
they masquerade as supporters of women, they are lying to you,
they seek only control of other womens choices, they want to create
a society of destruction womens personal freedom and  choices by
instituting a radical destruction of society, rebuilt as a marxist
society to control women into their version of femininism
that is in practice, will produce results much like white supremacy,
dictatorship is dictatorship regardless of the mask it wears,
I hope women are both discerning and brave, brave enough
to see the monster of lies and fight it for the sham that it is,
men and women must unite, all races must unite, but not as
marxists, not as liars, please fight this monster with me,
fight it to protect the true soul of feminism hijacked by
psychotic extremists, I know I am intimately aquainted
with psychosis, do not get caught up in the lies of radicalism,
be a thinker, a critical one, one that examines evidence for a position instead
of lies based on hateful emotion.

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