Sunday, June 21, 2015


Up and down my head goes, up and down in mood,
like a blue angel pilot screaming with speed up and down in the sky,
the pilot is Limictal, in bipolar, I am the passenger, with a wreckless pilot,
there is no control on my part over the velocity, speed and direction.
Am I the pilot or the passener of this jet? Am I the mechanic?
If the plane is damaged or running low on fuel, how do I gain control?
Can I gain control? Is is it possible or am I a captive in the jet in my mind?
I have flown and lost control in many ways, lost control to tobacco, to sex,
to craving.  The Buddha use to say that craving is at the core of human suffering,
I am full of such craving, unable to temper or control my habits.
I do not like being a slave to craving anymore than I want to be pilot out of control,
was the Buddha correct about human suffering and craving? Is there
hope for self control in the Buddha's teachngs? Can I learn these lessons
from 2,500 years ago, before Christ was ever born?
Are these lessons of long ago really valuable or are they fruitless like all religions
that promise peace and and health and life and deliver nothng?


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