Saturday, June 6, 2015


I broke it off, not on purpose, I broke off the bath room door knob, I shook in fear of being punished for this event, yelled or screaming at me, I do not wish to bring anyone to rage and anger, I try my best to avoid such errors, fruitlessly looking for perfection in myself and others.  Jesus fucking tap dancing masturbating Christ I am so afraid and worried right know, I am fucking exhausted and tired from the energy that is drained from me to maintain constant fear and paranoia.  You see this is the reason for my sureness that god or gods do not exist in any form or conception, such a good if real, from the Old Testament, or Koran, is so cruel he or she would be unworthy of worship and devotion by any man, woman or child.  I know in my heart of hearts, mi corazon, that gods are no more real than leperchuans and unicorns, why the fuck would I worship a god or gods that either allow evil to happen or can not even stop evil from happening, so the question of the ages is this, is the god or gods just ineffecitve or a perfect liar as he speaks to his followers of imaginary love for man or imaginary mercy and compassion.?

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