Friday, June 5, 2015


The creationist believes in a superstitious lie, the lie of a young earth, the lie of a god who cares, yet does not exist.  The young earthers cling to fables of the bronze age, an age of ignorance and no understanding of how nature and reality behaves.  If their god does exist, which it does not, as they the creationists describe him, this fake god, is not worthy of my worship or yours.  The fable of christians, muslims and jews alike are violent and dangerous, they create war, death, murder and genocide world wide.
Yesterday someone had the nerve to tell me they wll pray for me, fuck your prayers and the time wasted in sayng them, do not have the arrogance to force your beliefs upon me by way of fake concern for my nonexistent .eternal soul and fake salvation.  Jesus fucking tap dancing masturbating Christ, your evil of arrogance is born from lies told for ten thousand years of mans existence, they vary in detail these lying fables of history, but the theme is the same, be afraid of my sky god, or gods, or be killed and suffer in hell, this is the refrain of all religion and spiritual beliefs.  The imaginary friend in the sky is dangerous, not because he is real in any form, but because grown adult world leaders mke major decisions for all base on lies, a truy violent journey I have already mentoned.  SO KEEP YOUR FUCKING LIES TO YOURSELF AND DO NOT CORRUPT THE CHILDREN, EVEN YOUR OWN, WITH THESE LIES.

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