Sunday, May 3, 2015


Feminism, now  a dirty word, a word of social justice warriors in the childish things that offend them, they need a thicker skin, rather than bitch and moan about fake crimes or fake oppression.  Once feminism meant someething real, not so today,  in the past it was about suffrage for thee women of the USA, today it means to lie, to make up stories of fake, percieved injustices thhat do not exist, nonissues like stereotypes of women cartoon characters in video games, not of equal rights or equal pay.  FEMINISM, this rings hollow and empty this word today, it rings wth the shrill, hysterical screams of the social justice warriors and their manufactured anger.  I tend to nausea and vomiting when I hear of it being discussed, these fake arbitrary crimes that do not take place or exist.  The social justice warriors do not truly care for rights of women, like homeless mentally ill women, they only care of money and power and those woman who can help them get it, that surely does not truly defend the rights of truly oppressed women because they have no money to pay for the agenda.  The truly voiceless are ignored by feminists because they do not, or can not, organize for the fake feminist movement of angry cartoon characters.  This must be stopped these lies of the shrill irritating voices of the male and female social justice warriors, join me in the war of words and truth.

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