Sunday, May 31, 2015


The time is short, running out quickly, possibly before the prospect of success, success of treatment of my psychosis, I need to act as soon as possible on this problem, yet to take care of details of this venture of mine, it is curious that the change of diagnosis, and the right treatment did not come until the age of 49 going on fifty years.  I am angry over the wasted years and the wasted drugs that has been taken for over 35 years, I blame my family and childhood enemies of mine for programing me to fail, to program me to failure through violence, ridicule and insults regularly heeped  upon me by these vile people who I no longer call family, one sister dead by suicide, but that is not my road for the future, no I will not surrender to them or my psychosis, those voices and delusions of schizophrenia, no, I am to angry to surrrender to this bullshit of enemies and psychosis, if someone wants me dead, they will have to kill me themselves, I am not my sister, there will be no gun in my mouth, I will fight this battle even as time runs out, doing the best I can before natural age annd death occurs.

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