Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I am trembling in body and mind, the future is uncertain and frightening, a new medicatiion has entered the scene because of the earthquake of body , mind, soul that is happening to me, hopefully the tics and tremors will  slow, perhaps I can be calm and still once again instead of having these monumental shifts in both mood and psychosis, I will continue to look for an answer until it is found to my plight of quaking, in the mean time there are coping skills even in psychosis, I write my poems, I rest and sleep when needed, I go for walks and take hot showers to relieve the stress and strain of psychosis that never goes away completely.  I struggle everyday to control my muscles to keep from trembling, self help goes a long way even in schizophrenia and its reality.  GOD is of no use nor a belief in him, the bible is childish gibberish and cruel fables about a psychotic, mean spirited deity in the fantasy land of heaven, the truth is that now is all there is, I will not waste it on childish promises of an afterlife that no those who believes in it have no evidence for it.  I WILL TAKE MY CHANCES WITH REALITY, IF YOU DO NOT MIND MR. THEIST, there is an answer in your own heart, or mine, for fear and quaking.

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