Wednesday, April 1, 2015


They said I was guilty of hate, that I spoke words of racial hatred, I did not, I live to see equality and fairness for all, I would not, could not disparage others on illogcal, unscientific nonsense in the name of hate of any kind.  I resent such a lie about my character, this is the worst kind of falsehood, I do not understand such a lie, Why would they seek for me to be in trouble?  I do not see the logic of such dishonesty and attacks on my character, I will move on though to ultimate success and victory over lies and hate for all.  The human race can not travel down this rode and survive, if we continue to hate, humanity will perish over such things, and if we as a world choose ideologiies of hate, maybe we would deserve such an end.  I have hope, that we as a world can do better than this hatred of race, sex, homophobia, color, nation, tribe, culture and disability.  We can do better, even more so WITH OUT CONCEPTS OF GOD OR GODS. The  delusion of religion breeds violence in humanity, yes other ideologies cause violence, yet none like the self rightousness of religion and judging others.

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