Tuesday, April 21, 2015


The cold is here, both of heart and air, these will be difficult times ahead in the frosty weather and the cold human heart.  It is a difficult struggle to reach the warmth of love and  fire in this cold snap, the process is grueling to melt the ice of the defeated human spirit and soul.  I do not know the best approach to this dilemna of hot and cold seasons and people, perhaps we must all find our own path to peace, with out the false peace and lies of a monotheistic god, we are to old for fairy tales and imaginary friends in the great monotheisms of the world.  There is nothing colder than lies and false hope and false promises of eternal life, the life you have is now, the one and only present, the experiences you have now is all the unverse has for you, live well and morally now, there is no later on or second chance, do you really want to waste the times you do have for those that do not exist in the future of death?

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