Thursday, April 30, 2015


The conservative, what does he or she want? What role in the USA and the world do they want or seem to need? What are their tools and weapons used to influence you and me? RELIGION, HATE AND FEAR, ARE THERE TOOLS, THEOCRACY IS THEIR AGENDA. From Al queda to JOHN HAGEE MINISTERYS, they claw for power in the name of GODS they can not prove are real.  They have obvious hatreds, racism and sexism and homophobia are the most obvious of their evil tools of power, yet there are more important suttle dangers in our midst.  The conservative wants you as a slave, a slave to fear, anger hate and not learning to mind your own fucking business. Why the fuck would they care who you sleep with? It effects them not, why do they care if my wife gives me a blow job? IT DOES NOT EFFECT THEM IN ANYWAY, YET THEY BELIVE IN THE RIGHT TO INVADE  YOUR PRIVACY THROUGH FAKE GODS AND DEMONS, THESE EVIL RIGHT WING LIARS WHO BETRAY AMERICAN DEMOCRACY, make no mistake there is no practical difference in the religous fanatics agenda in any flavor, John Hagee is our version of theocratic Al queda, attempting to control and smash democracy based on the lie of America being a christian country established by christians, I call them out on this lie,  the founding fathers were deists and unitarians, not christians, i.e. Thomas Jefferson. DO NOT GIVE THE THEOCRATICS MONEY OR POWER, BE THEY MUSLIM, CHRISTIAN, JEW, HINDU PROTESTANT, CATHOLIC ETC..

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