Thursday, April 16, 2015


Why is there so much pain?
In our bodies and our minds, the pain of mental illness is intransient, it does not budge or move even under pressure of drugs, there seems to be no way out, the pain shakes me to my core, it rattles my sanity, tests my patience.  I do not know how to plan around this, or fight it, this schizoid disease? Maybe you can help, maybe you cant or wont help me fight this war of body, mind and soul.  Why should you care of me you ask, I am but a stranger to you, not very present in your life to justify the risk of helping or assisting me.  I AM ALONE,  that message has been clear to me since second grade and the cruel children of my youth who torture me even still after all this time and distance, they had no right to hurt me body, mind, soul and spirit, yet they did none the less.  PEACE is all I seek, not revenge or retaliation to the ghosts of the past.

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