Wednesday, April 15, 2015


The stand must be taken, they have no right to get away with this, this noise and confusion, the loud music is blasting, and I am pounding on the floor to send a message to those who are below me, physically and mentally beneath me, they are losers, scum of this world, lazy, unemployed, drugged up and drugged down into a stupor of calm, the need it to get through the worthlless, miserable lives that have no meaning or purpose, they drowned their own pain with noise and chemicals, these pathetic people beneath me.  I wish I could tell them to go fuck themselves in their own assholes, these filthy animals of confusion, of fear, of uncertainty, they have no right to do this, I would be in the right and just moral position to complain, to harrass them in retaliation and noise, they would not listen, they would not care these antisocial criminals of confusion, my schizophrenia is tested today, do I have the strength to persist and win? I will go forward, despite the fear, noise, confusion, anger and chaos all around me, yes my schizophrenia is being tested today, everyday, I am enraged at my own weakness as much I am of them.  I rage inside, paranoid and afraid, not knowing how to proceed in my panic, fear and confusion.

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