Saturday, April 11, 2015

A poem by author/poet GARY G PELOW, THE ONE

Is she the one, I must know her, I must learn her and her ways.  Who has been her consort before? What were they like? Did they treat her right, as a proud individual woman with the power of her intellect?  If I learn these facts of her loves from the distant past, I think my chances of being her guide in the present form of love.  I seek to be in her, to be consumed by her, I will ask many questions of her friends and family, I need to know who and how she loves.  Time is shorter now, the need of her company in me is energized by my few years I have left, as I pass the half century mark in the twenty first century, born of the twentieth, I seek to love her, to not be a

one as the picture of this movie fades into history.  I yearn for the agape love from her that only a goddess like her can give.  GODDESS is not an exageration, it is truly what she is, this is also  a frightening reality, am I worthy of her?

 Do I try or give up as a foregone conclusion? I can still love, even after Arlene, my common wife of ten years I lost to AIDS and random chance, would she approve of my choice? Can she see me now with a smile on her face as she is pleased I still can love? Of course no one can replace the original, yet I can love somebody else as much but for different reasons, people of love are not interchangeable car parts where exact copies replace the old.  I must learn of her, about her and for her, she deserves the best but may settle for me, a humble man of written words

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