Thursday, April 23, 2015

A poem by author/poet GARY G PELOW, THE KIND.

What kind does it take to ignore the mentally ill? What kind of human being shuts their eyes to the homeless and destitute?  Is it these people are psychopaths who do not care for their fellow humans? Are they concerned about themselves only because they have no conscience or empathy?  No, I do not believe that is the call to indifferance to the mentally ill man or woman on the streets, or even those who have a place to live, no, the  indifferance is caused by overwhelming fatigue of many different social problems from war to hunger that forces people to become numb to the misery of others. I do not know the answer to this problem, I only point it out here.  Perhaps there is no solution, I suppose we could all surrender reality to mental blockage for the sake of our own sanity and mental health, yet what happens if YOU are the next to be mentally ill, an occurence that is not predictable?

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